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Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Inc.

Medical Mission Trips

Our medical mission trips are planned between 6 to18 months prior to departure. The teams are composed of 8-12 medical professionals and sometimes a couple of lay people, who possess specific skills, expertise and qualifications to meet the goals of the trip. Most medical mission teams depart the US on a Friday and return to the US on the following Saturday or Sunday.  Our teams commonly fly together, from Miami or Atlanta into Port-au-Prince, to ensure safety of our team members and to promote team cohesion.  Teams spend one night in Port-au-Prince, before traveling by road, for 3-4 hours to Thiotte.  In Thoitte, we are guests of the local parish, which provides our meals and lodging. We work, often along side our Haitian medical partners, and with the support of interpreters, tending to patients from Thiotte and the surrounding community.  We provide medical care about 8 hours a day, for 5-6 days, before leaving Thiotte and traveling back to Port-au-Prince, where we often spend the evening, before returning to the US.

Medical Mission Team Members pay a $550.00 participation fee for each 10-day mission team. Participant fees contribute between 1/3 - 1/2 toward the overall costs of our medical mission teams.

Trip participation fees and all donations to HMMW are tax deductible. Team members also pay their own airfare and are required to purchase their own travel insurance. For information about immunizations, please consult with your health care provider’s travel medicine department and


Team members are also required to register with the United States Department of State – Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or a similar program for those volunteers participating with an HMMW team who reside in a country other than the US.

2015 Medical Mission Teams

During the winter of 2015:

39 medical mission volunteers

participated in 3 medical mission teams.

Each volunteer provided 5+/- clinic days

to complete their volunteer medical mission service. 

HMMW volunteers provided care to 1,738 patients.

1,072 patients received medical attention from our pediatricians, nurse practitioners, emergency team, and family practice doctors. Each of these patients at minimum received a health screening that included vital sign check-ups.

477 patients received vision screening.

362 pairs of glasses where distributed.

46 patients received sight saving eye surgery.

47 general surgery procedures were provided.

57 dental patients received a combined 143 extractions.

132 school aged children received dental sealants.



HMMW volunteers work in collaboration with our Haitian partners 

by providing specialized care not commonly accessible in rural south east Haiti.

15-24 MAY 2015




All positions for this team are filled. Please submit an application now 

for consideration for the next general surgery and medical mission team.

Thank you.

2016 Medical Mission Teams

In 2016 HMMW will make 4 mission trips to Thiotte.

One Vision Screening, Lens Distribution and Surgery Team

One Dental and Medical Team

Two General Surgery and Medical Teams







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